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Outdoor Kitchens

The craze over outdoor kitchens started with barbecue grills. Today, the humble grill has become an extravagant, full-pledged kitchen outdoors. Why not? A kitchen in the yard could be the perfect place for bonding with family and friends.

Cooking Appliances for an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens, Lighthouse Point FL It can never be an outdoor kitchen without a place for cooking. Besides a barbecue grill, there are now a lot of other choices for more convenient and versatile cooking experience. Smokers, for instance, will cook the all-time-favorite barbecue ribs that are oh-so tender, juicy, and Smokey-flavored. The long wait will surely be worth it.

But if waiting is not your thing, then have side burners for cooking sauces, side dishes, and even the main dish. Side burners often come with an outdoor griddle, where pancakes, fajitas, and similar delicacies can be cooked. Don't forget the deep fryer especially if your family loves fried chicken and French fries. An outdoor oven is also perfect if you love baking.

Besides freshly-cooked meals, isn't it more fun to have some cool refreshments especially if there's too much sunshine in your Florida home? A refrigerator can take care of that. It can make ice, store ice cream, keep juices cold, and keep wines chilled.

Choose appliances that are weather-resistant. Even cabinets, sinks, and other furniture pieces in outdoor kitchens must be weather-resistant.

Perfect Amenities for Outdoor Kitchens

Cooking is just one part of the fun. There must be other amenities that will keep the fun rolling before and after cooking. Outdoor kitchens can never be completed without an island with a bar. The island will hold the sink and cabinets while the bar or counter will serve as the waiting area.

Outdoor Kitchens, Coral Springs, FL When the food is ready, then everyone must head to the dining area. It can be a pergola, gazebo, or patio. Whatever it is, it must be nearby or must have a walkway from the kitchen. Even better, the outdoor kitchen can have a fireplace or firepit where making barbecues and toasted marshmallows can be enjoyed while having a warm bonding moment with all the guests.

Creating great, happy memories will finally be possible with an outdoor kitchen. No wonder why it is one of the most sought-after features when purchasing a house in Florida. But more than the appliances and amenities, outdoor kitchens must be well-designed, durable, safe, and weather-resistant. Using bricks and pavers is the way to achieve that.

Building Materials for Outdoor Kitchens

Unlike other materials, bricks and pavers can withstand extreme weather while providing an excellent support for everything in the outdoor kitchen. They also come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Creating a high-quality outdoor kitchen that defines your unique sense of style will be easy with the help of National Brick Pavers.

Our company has more than 50 types of bricks, including Chicago Bricks and concrete brick pavers. Chicago bricks are naturally antique and perfect for classic looks while concrete brick pavers have wide varieties that will be perfect for modern styles. But our collection is not limited to these two. We have partnered with the best sources of pavers in the country and can definitely provide whatever type of paver or bricks for that dream outdoor kitchen.
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