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Paver Repairs

Paver Repairs, Pompano Beach, FL Durable outdoor areas are critical aspects to ensuring your landscape's stability and appearance. Many property owners use pavers for patios decks, fire feature areas, outdoor kitchens, poolscapes, and more. These products are long-lasting and look impressive but may sometimes need repairs. Besides the superior quality products used in all our projects, we offer clients customized solutions based on their requirements. The different services we offer include the following.

High-quality paver products are designed to last for decades. However, they also need regular maintenance and timely fixes. If your pavers have suffered damage due to heavy impact, neglect, age-related deterioration, or some other reason, call us. We are skilled and can handle all types of paver repairs on residential and commercial properties.

Paver Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, paver maintenance is crucial to keep your paver driveway, pathway, deck, or patio's condition. It's why we offer comprehensive solutions, which include paver maintenance. Our team will clean, sand, and seal coat the pavers to ensure they stay resilient and clean. During this scheduled six-monthly maintenance, they will also check the pavers' condition to ensure no damage occurs. If they notice any issues, they will inform you about them and will provide suitable fixes.

Paver Cleaning

Cleaning the paved areas of your property helps keep them in pristine condition. We offer pressure washing services and clean concrete, brick, and natural stone pavers ideally. We know that each material needs a specific pressure level, and we handle the job accordingly. Our team will remove all sap, rust, dirt, and oil stains from the pavers with effective yet gentle cleaning agents. Once the surfaces are clean, they will wash off all the debris and dirt with commercial power cleaning equipment.

Paver Sealing

Paver surfaces are resilient and meant to endure exposure to the elements and other exterior conditions. However, seal coating these surfaces makes them scratch and stain-resistant, helping to keep them looking new and in better shape for longer. Typically, we recommend doing paver seal coating only once every couple of years. Depending on the types of pavers, we use the best sealants on the market for the best results.

Polymeric Joint Sand

Interlocking concrete pavers help create a stable and robust surface. When we handle the job, you can be sure these installations will last for a long time. While the gaps in paver stone surfaces are negligible, we recommend the use of polymeric sand. This joint filler material is also sometimes called hardscape sand, jointing sand, or paver sand. When used with special additive agents, it is a powerful bonding agent, binding the concrete elements together very strongly for even and durable joints. Because it fills the joints, it helps prevent pest infestations and weed growth while optimizing joint stabilization. The polymeric sand also helps prevent the pavers from shifting, helping to maintain the integrity of the paved area.

We recognize that every property will have specific paver stones, a crucial aspect when selecting products to replace them. As a highly experienced operator in this industry, we focus on these little details while handling any paver repair work. Our experts work with you, assess the damage, and provide customized paver repair solutions. You will find that we maintain very competitive pricing to get superbly paved areas that are safe for use, easy to maintain, and long-lasting.

For more information about our paver repairs and other hardscaping services, please call National Brick Pavers at this number 954-545-3040 or write to us via this Online Form. One of our team members will contact you shortly to discuss the details.
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