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Hardscape Supplies in Hollywood, FL

Hardscape Supplies, Hollywood, FL Pavers are perfect for driveways, walks, paths, patios, decks, and poolscapes, among other applications. While brick and concrete pavers are available, natural stone pavers are more attractive and refined. They look great in modern and classic settings, adding value to the property. National Brick Pavers is the market leader in the pavers supply and installation market in Hollywood, Florida. Our team is available to assist you in determining the appropriate pavers for your project depending on your style choices and budget.

Natural Stone

With decades of hardscaping experience, we've produced some stunning natural stone patios, driveways, walks, water features, retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits. No doubt adding any form of natural stone to a home or commercial property will increase its visual appeal and value. Some of the most common varieties of natural stone used nowadays include the following:
  • Travertine
  • Sandstone
  • Flagstone
  • Bluestone
Each of these natural stones has a specific appeal, and we are here to help you select the best products for your needs. Our team is skilled and knowledgeable, and they will make sure that you have all the necessary information to make an informed choice. Whether you need natural stones for your patio, deck, driveway, walkway, or fireplace zone, we have the products you need.

Tile & Stone

Each building project is unique, but you can be confident that tile and stone will be used. Whether mixed or used individually, tiles and stones can impart a distinct aesthetic to any surface. Versatility, durability, and aesthetics are just a few of these materials' advantages. When natural stones are used as overlays, they are technically referred to as tiles. Stone veneers may be cut as thin as standard ceramic tiles and provide the same beautification function. While natural stones are more durable and aesthetically-pleasing, tiles can provide additional benefits. Ceramic tiles come in a variety of styles and patterns. Indeed, certain tiles replicate the feel and look of natural stone.

People frequently use tiles on flooring, bathrooms, and other rooms in their homes. On the other hand, tiles are excellent for external applications, and many people install them in poolscapes. Certain homeowners prefer tile flooring for their patios. You can use natural stone cladding to enhance the appearance of outdoor kitchen walls and your home's exterior walls. Natural stones are also ideal for constructing superior roofs. Even the floors might be paved in natural stone to add elegance.


Ledgerstone is a beautiful natural stone that comes in various forms, sizes, styles, and colors. Combining smooth and textured stones creates magnificent paths, walks, poolscapes, decking, and patios. The stone lends the place an organic feel and works well with other bricks and travertine veneers that may be used in other landscape features and components. With warm-toned ledgerstone in chestnut or sand tones, you can create a distinctive aesthetic in your landscape.

On the other hand, bluestone-blend, or Natural/onyx ledgerstone pavers look fantastic in modern-styled landscapes. We are here to help you with material selection and provide you with the details you need about these stones.

Regardless of the pavers you want to be installed in your commercial or residential landscape, we s can help. We never compromise on quality, reliability, and efficiency. You can source all the paver and stone products for your landscaping project at cost-effective pricing.

The National Brick Pavers’ experts will help with the information you need about these and the other products we carry in Hollywood, Florida. Please feel free to call us at this number - 954-545-3040 or write to us via this Contact Us form, and we will get back to you soon.

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