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Tile & Stone

Every construction project has its own specifications but you will surely find tile and stones as one of the materials used. Whether combined or used separately, tiles and stones can give any surface a unique look. Versatility, durability, and beauty are only some of the advantages of these materials.

The Use of Natural Stones

Natural Tile & Stone, Pompano Beach FL Looking for a natural, environmentally friendly, and durable building material? Look no further because natural stones can do it all. Natural stones can be used for different applications whether for interior or exterior construction. Stones like granites, limestones, marbles and also ledgerstone, are quarried and customized so residential and commercial properties can take advantage of nature-given materials.

Natural stones can be used for wall cladding to enhance the overall aesthetics of any wall surface. It can be used for patio walls or the entire exterior wall of a building. Natural stones will also be perfect for building castle-looking and royal-quality roofs. Even the floors can be covered with natural stones to give them that elegant flair.

For outdoors, natural stones are often used for retaining walls, driveways, walkways, pool decks and patios. They often enhance a landscape by adding a sophisticated touch on the hardscape elements. Even steps and risers can be made out of classy natural stones.

Since they are extra special, natural stones are often used as a fancy border for other materials like tiles, concrete slabs, and pavers. Sometimes, they are mixed to create an interesting and creative mosaic-patterned surface.

Various Designs of Tiles

Natural stones can be technically called tiles if they are used as veneers. Stone veneers can be cut as thin as the usual ceramic tiles and serve the same beautifying purpose. Although stones tend to become more durable and classier to look at, tiles can also offer other benefits. Ceramic tiles are available in various designs and patterns. In fact, there are tiles that have mimicked the look and feel of real natural stones.

Tiles are typically installed in floorings, bathrooms, and other areas inside the house. However, tiles are also good for exterior applications. It is a common material in pool construction. Some homeowners prefer tiles for patio flooring.

Professional Installation

Tile & Stone The use of tiles and stones improves the overall aesthetics of an area. However, this is only possible if they were properly installed the first time. Amateur installation of tiles and stones typically lead to problems. Whatever these problems are, they are often resolved only by re-installation. Better call National Brick Pavers instead of doing it on your own or allow an inexperienced contractor. We install tiles and stones in various cities of Florida specifically in Dade County, Palm Beach, and Broward. You can still take advantage of our wide collection of tiles, stones, bricks and pavers if you are residing in other areas.

Our company has partnered with the most reputable suppliers in the market, making it possible for us to offer more than 50 types of bricks in the catalog. And all these are high quality. Providing quality services and materials like tiles and stones has been our goal since 1993.
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