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Waterfalls & Features

Waterfalls & Features, Pompano Beach, FL Get the relaxing sound of trickling water by adding water features like ponds and waterfalls in the landscape. The soothing effects that water features bring are perfect for people living in the busy cities of Florida.

However, creating a spot in the landscape that can ease your stress is not easy. Adding water features in the landscape should be carefully planned. Look no further if you want a well designed pond, fountain, streams or waterfall. National Brick Pavers is a company known for creating nature-like ponds and waterfalls in the state. We don't limit our services to ponds and waterfall designs. Our company ensures that our clients are satisfied not just with the designs but also with the actual installation of these water features.

The Beauty of Ponds in a Landscape

A well designed pond adds glamour in the landscape. In homes, ponds serve as a beautiful attraction for the homeowner and visitors while it serves the same purpose for the employees and clients when installed in a business property.

There are actually different types of ponds. These can be based on the theme of your landscape or based on your personal preferences. Some of these are:

  • Koi Ponds: This type of pond is designed for growing and breeding koi. Creating a koi pond requires expertise. There are several things to consider in creating this type of pond. It requires thorough filtration systems and a healthy ecosystem.

  • Water garden ponds: This is a type of pond that adds more than just aquatic wildlife. This also includes decorative rocks, plants, and even waterfalls. You can add water lilies, bog plants and floaters. Depending on your available space and budget, water garden ponds can be simple or complex.

  • Garden rock ponds: This type of pond is highlighted by rocks and pebbles. It looks more splendid in gardens with slopes as this can be turned into a rock garden with a pond at the bottom.

Contact us if you have another idea. National Brick Pavers will assist you in conceptualizing new pond designs. With the expertise and professionalism of our staff, it is not impossible to create ponds and waterfalls that will reflect your personality and lifestyle.

The Beauty of Ponds with Waterfalls

The combination of ponds and waterfalls help enhance the beauty of the landscape. Watching the graceful movements of water in a waterfall or the swift movements of fish in a pond is undoubtedly very relaxing for the mind. The use of natural stones, rocks and pebbles will also add charm in the area.

Choosing the Right Company

Waterfalls & Features Our company is well experienced in integrating waterfalls and ponds. We ensure that the waterfalls are proportionate in size to other water features in the landscape. If you are concerned about safety, our company can also create pondless waterfalls.

We know that creating unique and stunning design of ponds and waterfalls is not enough. Our team ensures that the materials used in the installation of these water features are durable. We have several clients across Florida who can attest to the quality of our installed ponds and waterfalls. Call us now.
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